Semi-Marathon de Nice



Azur Sport Organisation


[ Maylis 49 years old - City : Beaucaire ]

Maylis lives in Beaucaire in the Gard department and started to run when she learned about the desease of her young son few months ago. Maylis runs because she wants to spread positive messages around her. She will pursue to the full end!

Why did you choose to run?

Maylis will celebrate her 50 birthday next September and she wanted to run her very FIRST half marathon for this special year!
She begins to ask to her running club partners which half marathon will be the best one and all responded to run Nice Half Marathon!.

So, Maylis decided to participate to this great adventure! And we wish her all the best!

Whatever your personal motivations or your reasons, Semi-Marathon International de Nice is waiting for you!
Azur Sport Organisation


[ Mats 51 years old - Country : Suède ]

Mats started running as a challenge to himself when he was around 40 years old, classic.

He became faster and faster and decided to challenge himself more through competitions.

His first competitions were 5 k and 10 k long. He has done plenty of halfmarathons since them.

"But it is too expensive to do a halfmarathon there with the race fee, hotel and journey. When I saw your halfmarathon in Nice, I realised it would be about the same price to go to Nice and run instead. I think running is one of the greatest ways to explore a new place, and since I have only basically passed through Nice once, I am looking forward to see your lovely townin spring this way!"

Such as Mats, enjoy spring time on French Riviera and participate to #semidenice!